How to Use



A.  Register as member/buyer

     - Click register

     - Click “facebook” if you wish to use Facebook account, or

        Click “Google” if you wish to Google account, or use email account to register.

     - If you choose to register using email account, please fill in the available form 

     - The system will send confirmation to registered email.

      (confirmation is not needed if you registered using Facebook or Google account).

     - Click confirmation button

     - Congratulations you are now a Japlaza member and you can enjoy shopping 

        at Japlaza.


B. Register as vendor/seller

    - Once you completed all steps at A (above), you can click “sell now” button.

    - At this stage please fill in available form to apply shop opening request, 

      and click submit button.

    - Admin willl verify vendor application.  For security and protection purposes the 

      ID of vendor might be required.  Please send copy of ID for verification 


   - Once the verification process is completed, the vendor can start selling product/s 

      at Japlaza





A. As member/buyer

    - Choose product/s and click “add to trolley”

    - Once you completed, click “Checkout” button 

    - Fill in the address (if you have not register you address)

    - Choose payment method

    - Proceed the payment

    - Completed

    - Wait for product delivered

    - Please click “confirmation” button after the product/s has been received, in order 

       for Japlaza to process the payment to vendor.

   - Please checkout once you complete shopping at one shop


B. As vendor/seller

    - Upload product/s

    - Click user’s name at top right corner then click ”sell” button

    - Open the desired order

    - Prepare product/s to be delivered as soon as possible 

    - Deliver the product/s to the address accordingly

    - Update order status to “Shipped” and input the receipt delivery order

    - Buyer will click ”confirmation” once they received the product/s, automatically the 

       order status will changed to “completed”.  Japlaza will transfer the transaction 

       money to buyer after the whole process completed.